How to accept Bitcoin on your site?

Accepting bitcoin on your website is so simple using Coinilla! We provide processing gateway for you to accept bitcoin and get payments directly into your wallet. We do not provide online wallet! You get all money in your personal offline wallet. Currently we support main HD Wallet software: Electrum, Copay and Mycelium. (We will add more soon!)

Step by step accepting Bitcoin

  1. Signup in our website and get an API key.
  2. Download your CMS plugin or use our Bitcoin API to connect your CMS to our bitcoin gateway.
  3. That is all! Now you can accept bitcoin on your website!

How that could be possible without online wallet?

All payments go to your personal offline wallet (your wallet client) not ours! We use your wallet master public key to generate addresses for your wallet. Master public key is a read only version of your wallet, we don't have access to your wallet balance.

Is there any fee?

We do not apply fees on your website invoices. All payments go to your wallet but we have service fee. For more information look here.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any business using our services and we are not money transfer service. We are not responsible for any possible fraud and would not be able to issue any refunds because you are paying DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY to merchant Bitcoin address and not ours.